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"... A head-spinning slasher film that keeps you on the edge of your seat right up until the shocking finale."
- Fanboy Comics
"Spirals out to a devastating conclusion."
- Arrow In The Head
"After a young woman has a terrifying nightmare in which her missing uncle calls for her, she begins a search...
and we begin a chilling journey down the lonely road to Trona, CA in Lost Lake. This new film delivers solid performances and stark, unexpected twists. Katie Keene is captivating as Trisha. John Shartzer, as Jeff,
is a new talent in the genre and Ezra Buzzington is effective as a man conflicted in the role of Vern. Ezra carries the plot to its conclusion and Pat McNeely, without speaking a word, handes her role with insight and tact.
When Director Marcus Nash and producer David Clair wrote and developed Lost Lake, they crafted a naked portrayal of mental and emotional disintegration that pulls us in with hair-raising style.
Don t be hanging around the house alone when you watch this. Lock the doors and keep the dog close by."
- Tobin Bell (Saw)